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Here at Generate Print our policy is quite simple. We will not allow your data to pass to a third party for the purposes of marketing. We shall not pass on you actual job to any third party except on a confidential trade only basis.

We normally keep your data files for a period - we have some now from as long ago as 1989 but do not rely on us to keep your file. After all, accidents do occur and those 1989 files - we may not have a programme to open them today! Current files exist in three locations so it is unlikely they will go astray.

If your job is very small or if you request it we will delete all data produced when we have done your job.

Bear in mind we can not do a job these days without it becoming digital data at some point in its passage through our systems. In particular black and white copying jobs will not be archived unless arrangements are made beforehand to the contrary.

Privacy Policy

Bribery Policy

Our ethos here is simple. Bribery has no place in our business and if it does ever comes to light then such behaviour will be deemed gross misconduct and result in dismissal of the responsible person from our business.