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Generate Print Website QR Code

Here is the QR code for our web pages whereas on the right is the QR code for our telephone number.

QR Codes are essentially barcodes which can be scanned using your smartphone. You will need an app like QR Droid which will be available for your phone from Google Play or Apple’s App Store as examples.

The programmes can scan a QR code and take you to that website directly. The code can be on a screen or on a sheet of paper - which is where we can help. If you want a QR code, we can create it.

Because it is essentially a barcode, a QR code could encode all sorts of information - not just a web address. Mercedes Benz are putting a QR code on their car panels which tell the emergency services where hazardous features like fuel lines, batteries and high voltage cables are on the vehicle.

We can supply the code to you. In the past people only asked for EAN barcodes when they were publishing books or printing serial number labels - we can do that too.

Why not use a QR code on your stationery to link to your website or telephone number?

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